Sunday, August 28, 2011

B is for WANT!

how badly do you want it?
There is a Bible story.
A Syro/Phoenician woman whose father was Greek comes to Jesus and says - "dude! my daughter is hella ill. help me already!"*
Jesus turns to the woman.... the non Jew and says basically - "it's not right to take the children's bread and give it to the dogs."
So the woman says - "yeah but... even the dogs get the scraps that fall from the table."
Needless to say, the woman got what she wanted. And i'd wager Jesus was impressed. she simply refused to take things at face value.

how badly do you want it?
i told a couple friends of mine this morning that it dawns on me that God tells you things to see JUST what you'll do. this thing that you simply must pursue, this dream/goal of yours - how badly do you want it? will you stop at the first "denied"? will you simply walk away because it's gotten hard(er)? now admittedly, as a Theist (a Christian one), i admit to the belief that, as a Father, God is liable to say "yes.", "no", "not now" and "release the kraken" - lol on the last one. but i wonder of the possibilities of God simply saying something to... test your resolve.

no really how badly do you want this?!
i kid you not, if i was that woman, i may have walked off and griped about it for weeks to come. "who he feel he really is with this 'bread ain't for dogs'?" that sounds a tad embarrassing to me, thank you very much. but this was a big deal to this woman. she wanted her daughter well all too badly. she really wasn't going to just... walk away just like that.

you sure you want THIS that much?
i think of all that i hunger for. there are reasons why they must succeed and there are "obstacles" why they may not. i say "obstacles" because as one dude said today - there really isn't anything in front of you. i agree, because instead of some external factor, i have to resolve in my mind how much this means to me... how badly do i want to get out of "this" - whatever it is; how badly/how much i MUST succeed. i think therefore i resolve to get, because my actions have a steady motivation:
how badly do you want this? this thing that you want (or need)

*the author of this post paraphrased. the woman for example did not say "dude".


  1. despite the desire to troll this piece on behalf of the atheist community and ideology, i have to concede that there is universal importance to your message.

    we almost always deserve a better life than the one we have, and we have to fight for it.

  2. yuh know.... i love you eh. fe real.