Wednesday, September 21, 2011

B is for Love Jones

Love is not blind. It is a blindness.

I have found that when i fall for someone, two things happen:
a). my whorish inclinations are quelled and
b). i go into a state of blindness

It happens that while many a gorgeous girl exists, i strangely don't see them. 
I may not even acknowledge their presence... much... okay at all. I am a girl that way.

It's just... it's just that my mind becomes manipulated by the prospect of this one entity that all others fade to black... or else opaque 50%.

I don't want anyone else to soothe me.
Only one pair of hands will do.

Or I CAN HAVE ANYONE to soothe me.
But the thought rest only in one.

And generally, this would be cool if for the fact that this blindness has come to me with a cup of ambiguity. No that's not right. It's something else. Nevertheless here i am, wearing a silk scarf over my eyes, following the scent of a single woman. a single... woman.

Love is not blind. It is a blindness.

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