Friday, September 2, 2011

B is for World Girl

i feel the title's a little to be desired but that aside - coolness. Pax.

Once upon a time a boy fell in love with a girl
And she was the world
She wasn’t ‘his world’
She was THE WORLD.

And yes, the tides rose when she cried
But you should see the sun rise in her laughter
And her face gave comfort to these tiny miscreant deviants that come out at night
Cause she was a moon

And he stood there
Like a priest of some ancient cult
Offering to the moon
Offering to the sun
Offering to the keeper of the waters
Offering himself
To this world

And they say, "what does it profit a man..."
But have you loved this woman?
Have you yearned for this woman?
Does the mourning tell you, “change your condition”?
Do your knights seek the instruction of the wind?
That sigh, escaping her lips…

And do the rumblings beneath her calm and composed exterior,
Drive you to save her?
With prayers that mean much
With words that say little
With super-manic deliberation till all of her nations were settled?

Will you stay and pray the God of this world heals her
This boy did
This boy does
This boy loves her
Cause she wasn’t ‘his world’
She was THE WORLD…  and how could he breathe without her?

Tracy j H
© 01:09:2011


  1. this is beautiful, particularly the first half.

  2. thanxuh.

    i live in a state of inspiration [said in a quaint English accent]