Thursday, October 6, 2011

B is for Stalling

[the fun part is, i wrote this Oct 2nd or sometime so. And now Steve, who has made a "Ding" in the universe... is gone. classic]

I once asked of God – “before I die, help me do something that would make you stand and applaud”. This leaves me with two groovy choices. 
a. I can search with all that I am and do this thing OR 
b. I could stall 

The thing about stalling a god is that 
a. they can wait around a long time AND 
b. if they think it’s your time to go… it’s your time to go. No matter what. 
It’s fun to think about but it’s a useless aspiration; one that stems from the idea: How Can I Cheat Death? How can I extend my life-force? This of course follows the assumption that this “life-force” of mine is being used. 

Think of it as having a super-soldier serum on your shelf and never using it. 
Just because you live doesn’t mean you’re actively using your life-force. Which circles back to the beginning. The need to do this one thing. This Divinely Inspired thing that would see me rest in peace. 

Postponing purpose – it doesn’t stop death; it just keeps you in a state of unhappiness. And whose to say after that “one thing” is done, after you’ve accomplished that God thing, that there wouldn’t be a second or third thing to conquer. Who’s to say you aren’t doing it right now? 

A minute of God, a minute of silent consideration can show you what is purpose – this that makes/will make us happy. After all… who wants to spend their days stalling a god… or stunting yourself. Pax

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