Saturday, October 1, 2011

B is for Truth

if i created TRUTH
what would it look like?
would it be edible or ornamental?
or wearable?
and would it be worn on special occasions?
or would it be worn out from daily use?
yellow sweat stains
yellow sweat stains under the strain of the truth?
threads knit together pulling itself apart from the constant use of the truth?
live in it all day truth?
skin... tight truth?
would it not be better to lie?
mass market the darn thing into 6 oz bottles?
in discount stores?
sell it to admirable houses and landlords?
sell it to.... priests and poets and politicians?
sell it to.... you?
mr. disposable income
ms. no income at all [chuckle]
wouldn't you like a lie instead?
i can make it shiny. what little i remember from art class.
and if you broke it, what would it matter?
it looked good for the moment didn't it?
i have a sense though, i should create truth
create it fast
make it fast before...
before you move away to another window.
no advertising will bring you back once you've gone, once you've...
separated from my shop.
but... what would it look like?
this TRUTH i want to make
this... truth is... the truth is...
the truth is i've got all these ingredients, all these recipes, 
all this fabric, all this dye
all this wood
all this steel
all this foam
all this... stuff
and no idea what to make of it
... what to make of it? huh?
maybe i make a cottage where there's truth
and maybe a meal with this truth
and we'd both burn the edges cause... truth is... neither one of us knows how to cook.
but it beats eating alone.
truth = i'll hold if you nail, i'll screw if you dust, i'll polish if you wash, i'll write if you play, i'll sing what you play 
as the sun goes down on this truth that we made
we'll take pictures right?
we'll take pictures to remember this day, this day truth was made, right?
... we should take pictures.

tracy j h
TRUTH - 02:10:2011

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