Monday, February 27, 2012

The Unification of Alexander North Prt 01

The churning in my stomach was a pale reflection of the war that continued among my states. Heart vs Mind vs Spirit vs Body. Soul has often considered itself neutral ground accepting whatever philosophy that graced her shores. And for sure, there have been days of due diligence when Soul has tried to reach a peace between The Four warring factions, yet this near-thirty-year civil war continued on with little respite and no possibly permanent end to the inkshed.

The actions of Soul were often times not completely without selfish ambition. She had enough situations to overcome within her borders without the constant worry that the views of The Four will spill all over to her land. Her people were already susceptible to the actions of Heart, Mind, Spirit and Body. And why shouldn’t they? They (The Four) may have been at war but they all did live on the one continent. It was hard for Soul, trying to be the peace when all around her borders were fighting compatriots. If something was not done, all life would be lost. Soul may have been considered the youngest of territories but she was still of the Eternals and she was not about to let linger this near-thirty-year civil war; not another day, not another season...
Prt 02: The Players Show Their Hand

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