Thursday, March 1, 2012

The Unification of Alexander North Prt 03

     (part two can be read here)


And it was all Body’s fault. He would not admit that Spirit had a point to his sense of morality…. His sensationalist morality. Body often sat with his knuckles upon each other, laughing at his brother who would never take a risk to save his life except when it came to the preaching, except when it came to the pontificating in quiet moments when they laid under the stars talking about tomorrows and day afters. But the war had changed all that, Spirit was now actively pursuing Body to crush him and burn him from the memory of the continent. Body could not help but be impressed with his drive but HIS drive was stronger. His troops manipulated the temporal and were perhaps the most deadly of The Four. They could raise the earth beneath their feet; they could pull the roots to where they demanded. They were brash and often without strategy. For truly if the move felt to be right, Body’s forces would surge forward as a distressing wind to consume what they will. And what they willed was what Body wanted. And right now, Body wanted Spirit to shut… up… permanently.
Prt 04: The Plans of Mind...

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