Friday, March 23, 2012

The Unification of Alexander North prt 05

(previously on part four of The Unification)
And it was Heart’s fault. She had not expected a betrayal from Mind. Or else, she would not believe it. And now she has rallied her forces and her inconsolable rage and has swept over the lands of the other three with the force of a thousand monsoons and she was still not appeased. Although I stated that Body was deemed the most powerful because of what I will now call his ‘earth magic’, Heart proved to be most destructive and the most potent in her resolve. Her territories were coastal and water coupled with retribution proved to be devastating for the continent. The coldest winds, the darkest rain… the intensity of the erratic monsoon was of her scream. And then came the silence. Cold and silence and endless war on her enemy and the enemies of her enemy (for there was still something akin to love under her cold armor reserved for the Mind).

As stated before, Soul remained neutral and her territory was a refuge to whosoever grew tired of war. This was not entirely without consequence. In the early days, she had been labeled a traitor by The Four. There were even those within her walls who thought it better to choose a side than accept all sides.
“It was preposterous!” said an adviser who secretly allied 
with Body.
“It is illogical!” said another for Mind.
“It is a matter of faith!” said the one for Spirit
“Vultures…” came the hissing of Heart’s sympathizer.
Young Soul knew how her people felt but the continent was already being hollowed out by internal discord, by sciences and magics, by lust and faith… She would not add her significant powers to its collapse.
        “We will not be The Fifth.” She often said to the night sky. 
     She would not allow for it. But for how long was the       
     prevailing question that rattled Soul.

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