Tuesday, May 1, 2012

Apartment. Complex.

Guy walks up to girl’s apartment. Girl’s landlady seems perturbed that she’s entertaining a male companion. Guy turns to landlady and says, “Oh, don’t worry, I’m her Rabbi” 
– TISS totally insidious short stories @tracy j hutchings.

He held a secret fantasy. 
It involved a cutting board, a bottle of wine and a knife.
For that to play that out, he’d have to be near her.
For that to happen, he’d have to be at the apartment.
Easy enough. Except it wasn’t. It should be. It wasn’t.
"Look," said the left voice.
"There is nothing better that standing next to a naked flame."
Even if the scent of her causes the ceiling alarm to go off
Even if the landlady must come
And remind you BOTH of the terms of HER lease
Even if lunch is abandoned in favour of dinner as the two of you realise 
A healthy snack can satisfy till supper...
Even if absentmindedly, the pipe is left on and water takes over the place
And like the old people would say – “yuh go use yuh tongue and wipe it up!”
EVEN IF all that occurred, wouldn’t it be worth it….
For a chance at a decent meal?
He wondered.

"No," said the right voice.
"Because you know that I know that you know full well the cost of cooking."

tracy j hutchings

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