Monday, June 25, 2012

B is for Just Praise

Last Night was Praise Explosion @ The Church. It was Bess - as the natives would say. Basically, once a year, the music and arts department comes together [like everyone - drama, dance, poets, musicians, soloists, choirs, everyone] and puts on a Service [because a "show" is where you come to get entertained. this is not a show]. This was the Piece i read last night. It was a Colab with Robert Noel and myself cause we're part of the writers team. Praises Be. Enjoy. Pax

I will lift up my voice  AND PRAISE
regardless of how low I feel
I will lift up my voice 
Higher than my indebtedness
I will lift up my voice AND PRAISE... till it drowns out the pains in my body 
till praises dilute the blood of a broken heart 

Praise Him past the walls.
Till you’re stripped bare and you no longer care
Who sees.
Who knows…
Because who knows the extent of your grief
And how long you have asked for relief
So right now
Praise him past the eyes that pry
And the thought that lies and says
“You are done for.”
Praise Him all the more.
What have you got to lose if you choose to just…
To just…
Let the spark in your heart burst into a flame
And just… Praise Him all the same.

Tracy j H & R Noel


  1. blessed words my bro, thank you

    1. Praise the Lord. All the same.

  2. i fine this sick is big business ..i think it have real money to make in this..