Saturday, June 16, 2012

B is for A Lust Apart

we should burn slowly.
give the spirits enough time to tie their shoes.
so they can witness
what a man born of a woman
can do
to a woman.

i have an urge to grab you in the streets,
pull you from your bearings 
make up for lost time by making you up against a wall
ten fingers must not wait for a room with a view...

when last have you eaten?
i have been famished forever
banished even longer while every pore
calls out your name
and every part is sore... sorely missing you more.
we should be careful about this... burning.
you. sweat. alcohol.
i. am. flammable.
and sati will be performed on this mattress
as we undress in flames
and celebrate in ashes

we should....
shouldn't we?
digest each other slowly? tenderly? 
roughly... three hours?
not continuously ours but hours all the same.

tell me this lust lives in two
tell me there is space in you
a warm heart
eyes vivid 
breath short
tell me this is true for you...
or free it that it may die alone.

tracy j h

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