Tuesday, August 14, 2012

B is for The Hand of Gordon (Act 11)


And lo, Gordon was moved with disgust as he looked upon the faces of doctors, congretating round large tables, drinking brandy and cackling wildly; all the while, the sick and the pained lay moaning, shivering down corridors… peeping behind doors. It was the second time in as many weeks that the bile rushed to his lips at the actions of men. This was not what he intended. When he took upon himself the challenge of the documentary, he meant it to be a wake up call to those with power in them. He had hoped that those who knew the sicknesses of the world would be moved to cure the sicknesses of said world. … Nothing! His vision was not rewarded. They that took the Hippocratic Oath had become Hypocrites. An indictment not taken too lightly by Gordon. And when he could take it no longer; when he could no longer stand watching while these goodly physicians praised themselves for staying well, Gordon took in his own right hand, the instrument of his vengeance. This time… This time he would film a different ending…

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