Saturday, August 18, 2012

B is for The Hand of Gordon (Act 12)


Always the progressive, Gordon – quite randomly – started thinking about baby names. John and Celeste and Roland and… nothing.
He called out a multitude of names, Leslie, Ambrosia, Delroy, Deploy, Peter, Justus… Sera. Nothing sang back.
This hypothetical exercise was weighing on his mind. His begotten… with a name as common as Joe; this, his representation should have a name that truly represented. He chuckled, he would call the child ME. And why not.
And it came to pass, after many seasons, Gordon played with his phone. 358 translated to FLU but also to something else. Bless your heart predictive text. Elu Ka. The name of his love would be ELU KA. Elu Ka of Gordon. The pleasure, written on his face. Quite progressive indeed.

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