Friday, August 3, 2012

B is for The Hand of Gordon (Act 8)

And Gordon did look upon the face of the actor, standing at his door. Wet, cold and angry. Gordon invited him in but he refused. He wagged his finger, trying to gather both thought and breath. Gordon turned away for a moment and returned with a towel and a glass. Whisky and water. Mixed. The actor took a sip and was sated some. Presently, he began to yell:
“WHAT WERE YOU THINKING, GORDON?! WHA… WH… WHAT YOU DO THAT FOR?!” The actor wept. Gordon, not missing a beat took his sketchbook and showed it to the actor. His wet, nubby fingers thumbed through the book growing ever more confused as he did. Gordon’s notes were likened to a physician’s and, quite possibly, only a physician could have possibly been able to decipher it. Possibly.
“I don’t understand your handwriting.”
“I do. I know what I’m doing.”
The finality of that answer was… comforting but the actor required more.
“You still have more of that whisky mix-thing?”
Gordon turned from his guest, smiling to himself, “There’s fresh clothes in the guest room.”


  1. first strong implications that gordon is in fact ghord.

    or is it?

    1. ah! or is he....
      for all i know he could be a very groovy film director, or writer. or not.