Tuesday, October 9, 2012

B is for One Day [will not kill you]

One day will not kill you, they said.
Take the day off, they said.
Come with us to the river, they said.
Aye! Stop here for drinks, they said.
We know a back road, they said.

This road real jerky, you know, they said. ...

Jump from the big rock, they said.
Let's see who could hold on the most nah, they said.
Boy come and take a drink, they said.
We go chase the river with some rum, they said.
Nah man, all ah we cool, they said.

Hoss, none ah we eh that drunk *hick*, they said. ...

Leh we pass by dah road again nah, they said.
Ha! Ha! Like yuh fraid yuh go dead, they said.
Buh where dat manicou come from, they said.

Oh God! Oh God! Hail Mary, Shiva, somebody, OH GOD! they said

oh lord we go de----------

One day will not kill you, they said.
Yeah. Right.

*Saturday last, we had writers meeting. We usually do these little exercises. Just write whatever. Maybe there's a theme. I gave them the theme, "One day will not kill you" and then for ten minutes we wrote whatever randomness/not-so-randomness comes to mind. This was Mine. i think i'll record is some time.

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