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B is for Yacob Promptly Laughed

"You aren’t truly a man, until you’ve gotten married.”
The preacher said with such conviction that all the women cheered and all the men nodded in the affirmative. And all Yacob could do was burst into uncontrollable laughter. It was good that he stayed in the back of the building, it would be hell to explain his actions if he weren’t. 
Where was he, this preacher, during the days of hunger and want; when Yacob and the High Priest who bore him made miracles from morsels? Where was he, when he reached his hand into despair’s crocodile pit to pull friend and former foe from –what most thought was – inevitable desctruction. See, while many saw the sins of multitude, Yacob saw the tears that led to the lacing up of shoes, that led to the sin; and he would sit there, with them, on the road and weep. Empathy did not care for age. Nor did wisdom. They came to those who were open.

And what of Sebastian, who held his brothers with that which was stronger than rope?
Or Rory, the wise-hearted one. Or Levi, who bore his world on broad shoulders. Or Angelicus…the protector. What diluted definitions of themselves they must live. He chuckled to himself. The smile ran up his face and out from his eyes. He exhaled.
Yacob bent and coughed, hoping to regain his composure, to no avail.
“Because when you are married, you learn to put others before self as Christ did for us all.”
 Yacob promptly laughed. He rose, buttoned his jacket, dusted his pants and began to leave.
“You going?” the kindly old lady asked, tugging at his jacket, “You’ll miss the Word.”
“I think I’ve heard enough words.” He replied softly

Marriage makes you a man? Yacob promptly laughed. This was a tale to be shared with the boys. Those, who ate less so the poor could have more…
Yacob Promptly Laughed
Tracy J Hutchings
Oct:20th: 2012


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