Saturday, November 3, 2012

B is for First to Die [Section 1]

When you have a planet that just wouldn’t die, there are problems. No, not challenges… problems. Is the pursuit of wealth and power really worth it? Is happiness? Speaking of happiness, what do you do with people who are fed up of living? You bury them of course.

Human beings live life in a cycle. And after a few hundred years, for some, that cycle can be a tiresome bore. Though to be fair there really isn’t such a thing as an exciting bore is there? In ancient times, certain cultures and religions allowed for the burying of people. People would be entombed and buried six feet beneath the Earth. The result would eventually place you in a coma-type state where you would stay for as long as. Now because everything around you decays, chances are so will you. But thanks to Infinitas, your tissues would regenerate and that would be all. This explanation has been many a help to religion. Explaining away what happened to our first parents and sending countless misguided albeit wealthy individuals on many a quest to find their bodies. This practice of burying is usually publicly reviled (by the united nations) and privately hailed (by the united nations) as a wondrously efficient way to deal with the growing number of immortal human beings on the Earth. 

And what of crime? How do you deal with someone who has committed atrocious acts against their fellow immortal human? Well, if you’re The Hague, you recommend that “it is with great sadness and with the utmost reservation” that that person be buried – for a long, long time. A victory no doubt for (double standard) morality and (of course) a nation’s economy.
- Uno Adam. Searcher, Seeker, Onserver

[In a world that wouldn't die, neither does Religion. Section #2, tomorrow pls God]

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