Friday, November 23, 2012

B is for First to Die [Section 10]


As a word, “death” has been used not only to describe the lifeless body of plants and animals, it also describes one’s mental, emotional and otherwise spiritual state (“the wages of sin is death” – a state of being emotionally & spiritually detached from God). Most of all, it makes for a catchy advertising line (“put those past relationships to death; join harmonE and find your soul mate today”).
But there is a theory embraced by both the theist and non-theist community alike that suggests that there may be a body out there from man’s earliest form (homo erectus, maybe?) buried somewhere in the planet that does not possess Infinitas. Religious leaders believe that the body is part of God’s overall redemption plan. Many from the house of Faith believe that day would hail the coming of the Great Redemption; Scientists believe that it may hold the key to giving humanity what it wanted several millennia ago… Peace.
Through migration charts and desperate searches, the quest for the body continues.
That is all. 

- Uno Adam, Seeker, Searcher, Body.

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