Sunday, November 4, 2012

B is for First To Die [Section 2]


There is a saying, “without faith it is impossible to please God. And without God, it is impossible to have faith.” Thus it should come as no surprise that like man, RELIGION has grown immortal. In fact, it has long since been understood that it is impossible to kill God. Religion continues to thrive because (as the rationale will tell us) when mankind cannot die but everything around him does, the WHY factor must be answered. Enter religion and philosophy with sayings like – “Man may be immortal but only GOD can grant eternal life.” For a long time, I didn’t fully understand what that meant but somehow, it just makes sense now. 

The predominant faiths of the world (of this PRESENT world) include: Judaism, Islam, Hinduism, The Mayan Sect (many of whom chose to be buried until the great and terrible day of 2012 draws near, when they will rise and witness the world’s end), Buddhism and of course, Christianity or as some have called it… The House of Faith.

When the (pagan) Roman empire fell, Christianity rose. Then came the war with the Moors and the inquisition. Then came the breaking away of many from the House of Faith (suddenly mankind had “denominations”). Then came the Enlightenment, the Darwinists and the rise of (What was affectionately termed) Empire Americas, whose fathers followed certain practices of its pre-Christian Roman parents. And in an act of full circle, religious war erupted again. This time the Christians were the ones persecuted by the Moors and others. This has now (publicly) ended. Life is funny. Immortality, funnier. Of the many founding fathers of the House of Faith, St. Paul is STILL one of the most vocal. However, his major contention lies not with the seemingly external forces of non-belief (he has been quoted as saying “they will come around”) but with the internal forces: Spiritual Shepherds leading God’s people astray while they all wait for the God who came to Earth to grant men Peace, to return.

Whatever one believes, Religion continues to prosper in a world that wants it to die.
- Uno Adam. Searcher, Seeker, Lay Minister.

Addendum: Another religious sect are the Apollos – a small group who address each other as various forms of Apollo (“Good Morning Apollo Major”, “Nice to see you Apollo Minor.” And so on)

["It was the compromise that fed us." Food Production. Section 3. On the blog, tomorrow pls God]

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