Monday, November 12, 2012

B is for First To Die [Section 5]


No matter how much governments of the world try, the sin of over population still lingers on as expected. This is where Science comes in. Various engineers have devised a way to reclaim more land from the sea by forcing the Earth to give birth to more underwater volcanic mountains. As you know, Hawaii is living testament to how volcanoes shape land, having itself risen out of the ocean’s depths. It was therefore hypothesized many years ago that perhaps with a little push, mankind can create more underwater mountains to ... well… shake itself free and rise ABOVE ground. One successful new land mass that was formed is now known as the Isle of The Ancients. The Isle is about the size of two Australia’s. It is a place where many of the Earth’s greats have chosen to life, free from the culture shocking associated with every passing millennia.

But of course, the planet is only so much and yay high. Thus, a great deal of funding was spent into the successful cultivation of a young but somewhat giant star found approximately 100 million km off Jupiter. The scientific community called it Heaven – a place where (once completely habitable) people who wish to, can leave Earth and settle out their endless days. Of course, no one really knew the effects of Infinitas on other worlds. Still, so far, so promising. The only real hiccup came last year when the Apostle St. Paul showed up quite magically to inform gathered scientists and technocrats not to call it Heaven, since he had seen Heaven and that star wasn’t it. He was vetoed. But the word Paradise has been bantered around ever since.

And of course, there is the continued search in many circles, to suppress Infinitas hereby allowing people to finally rest in peace. Germany’s Chancellor Reinhardt has built a strong opposition to this branch of science claiming, that if God wanted man to die, He would’ve made us so. Many other people believe that GOD DID and are searching for that one way to end life. Albeit unsuccessfully.
And then there’s talk about the body…
- Uno Adam. Seeker, Searcher, Chuckler

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