Wednesday, November 14, 2012

B is for First to Die [Section 6]


It should come as no surprise that religious texts continue to be one of, if not the HIGHEST read and sold books (and digital downloads) on and off the planet today. Of course it helps that many of the writers of these texts are in fact very much alive. For the most part. For example: King Arjun who walked with Krishna and King Solomon who wrote the Proverbs of Life are not to be found, causing many to believe that they are in fact fictitious. Much to the chagrin of devout believers. In fact, most of the authors of religious and philosophical works of literature are NOT TO BE FOUND! Even though there is reasonable reason to believe that they exist.
Jacob Jens, author of “What God Meant” explains that the reason WHY many of the patriarchs/matriarchs of the various houses of faith are not verbal is that they do not wish to interfere with the gift of free will which allows mankind to choose their own paths.
Another explanation put forth by The Unknown Author is that they simply walked with God in the way that Enoch (one of Adam’s sons) simply walked away from this life and into the presence of God.
Other major best sellers are the fictitious works of William Shakespeare, Lewis Carroll’s “Alice Wanders”, Various Graphic & Romance Novels, and Food Network magazines.

- Uno Adam. Seeker, Searcher, Reader.

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