Saturday, November 17, 2012

B is for First to Die [Section 7]


“When we first heard of the impending collaboration, many of us could only exclaim “what… were they thinking?!” but as they say, the proof was definitely in the pudding (why do they say that?). this transfixing melody not only proved us wrong but clearly acts as the much needed zip line between the canyon of classical and modern interpretative music…” excerpt from RockSalt Music Magazine – July 12th, in reference to the Handel & Black Eye Peas’ El Mesias Rebirth.
The Movement back to the Beginning – a term first termed by the Mother of American Blues, Sojourner Truth – began back in 1999 when (oddly enough) St. Paul commenced a “crusade” to dig up the sleeping bodies of Earth’s early and more prominent parents of music. These included Prokofiev, Chopin, the Groit Thione Ballago Seck, Salif Keita, Shankar, Makeba… and Handel.
Handel, who drew weary of life and had himself buried. Handel who cried for six days after he was returned to the surface. It wasn’t until the lady herself spoke to him that he seemed to be back to his (very) old self. No one knows for sure what exactly she said to him but it worked. Handel was quite literally born again. A few years and several Grammy’s later, he is at the forefront of what can only be described as a revival of the Music(s) that formed the world. Incan, Persian, Chinese, Jewish, Arabic, African… Gypsy beats, Indus Chants… mixing it with and pouring it over modern elements. “If we are ever to find our true space in this ever shifting landscape, we MUST escape to the beginning.” – Handel
One of the music’s most interesting phenomenon is the rise of Death Metal. Often times mistaken for demons, Death Metal bands dress up in garb than they THINK reflect the true form of death, much to the delight of civilized, contemporary (contemptible?) society. But more than that, Death Metal has in its own societal slapping way provided it’s listeners (surprisingly, of ALL ages) with the thought of a fantasy. To die. To end. Preferably at the hands of the asteroid.

-Uno Adam. Seeker, Searcher, Music Hoarder.

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