Tuesday, November 20, 2012

B is for First to Die [Section 8]


Better than cocaine, a designer drug aptly called Sleeping Beauty is the new thrill. S.B. is sold in gel capsule and contains (among other things) a high concentration of morphine, which (when combined with those “other things”) causes the heart to slow to a bare minimum and places users in a comatose state for a few hours. Upon waking up, users are greeted with a semi-detached sense of being and nosebleeds. Experts say, the effects of Sleeping Beauty is on par with Ecstasy. What with its brain dampening effects, causing the Infinitas to work harder to rebuild the brain every time. Cases of permanent damage are also on the rise, yet many say it’s worth it and would maim to get their hands on it.

S.B. related violence has increased in recent decades.
The penal system in the West is still a joke. Governed by economies and rarely Justice. Or so it feels. The penal system IS a joke.
- Uno Adam. Searcher, Seeker, Activist

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