Thursday, November 22, 2012

B is for First to Die [Section 9]



The history of the world dictates that the only way to learn from our mistakes is by making another one. Never has this seemed more apropos than in the realm of politics. Empire after empire employs the same technique; elect a mad man or else a well intentioned mad man. Either one who pushes the limits of Infinitas through pain and human tragedy (thank you Hitler) or one who uses his office to set himself up as God. Of course, one can theorise that the latter is in fact every politician since before Xerxes. And then there’s America. North America. The eagle who is constantly at war with itself. It is as Mark Twain said in his widely acclaimed variety show  (“Rent in Twain”) – “right wing fights with left wing; no one soars.”

One of the more interesting developments in the politisphere in recent years centered around a small oil producing island republic in the Caribbean called Trinidad & Tobago. When the British Empire got its rebirth, it went about trying to recapture its colonies. This did not sit well with most and it was here in this said tiny republic that its ex-slave and indentured labourer populace fought back, launching what would be a global phenomenon fueled by these three words, Buck the Fritish!”

- Uno Adam. Seeker, Searcher, Activist.

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