Monday, November 26, 2012

B is for Shoes and Satyrs

dancing madly with a cloven footed partner
awkward steps
hurt toes

look into his eyes though
play with his hair though
see that glimpse of a smile though
remember the curves of the hand....
see how warm he is though?

forget the satyr's dagger
your wood lust is all there is
till hell finds us
or you
and he slinks off to dance with another lover
one who is practiced
or whose deception is honoured
or at least... 
one who had the good sense to wear shoes

Tracy j H


  1. I felt sad coming down to the end, but the beginning made my heart burst with the sensation of joyous relativity to this feeling.

    1. my good sir. i thank you. i was standing in the bank when i wrote this. many things came to mind. many things still do. i have a few more prepping. we'll see where this arc takes us.