Sunday, December 16, 2012

B is for Peace on [and in] Earth

* I was asked to read a piece of poetry [let's call it that] today in Church [Sunday 16th, December] based on the day's theme - "God Dwells With Us". I wrote this - Peace on [and in] Earth. I'm not talking about the big blue orb [or little blue orb actually] but mankind. The account in Genesis says, that man was crafted from Dirt. Dirt is another word for "Earth" [so says Mac Thesaurus]. So when we say, The Our Father Prayer for example, and recite "... on Earth as it is in Heaven", we [should] make it personal because we understand that Adam came from said dirt/earth. Let your will be done in us [earth] as it is in Heaven. Incidentally, I've been wondering WHY DIRT? Couldn't God make us from Tree Bark? Dirt is pliable - yes but... it's soft and can be molded into anything - which was probably the point but Dirt is also fragile and if my life is anything to go by, Dirt can crumble in hands..... STILL, here it is Peace on earth; co-opting the Christmas story in a new way. Enjoy. Pax.


Oh! That there would be Peace On Earth
Oh that… somewhere where it’s dark
Somewhere… where it’s cold and
The moon is so far away
Oh that a light would burst out.
Something to look to.
Something to… look towards
A path
A sign. A settlement for a King.
Then there would be peace on earth.

Oh that… we would hear it
That someone would say, Be.Not.Afraid.
And Heaven would concur with a song.
On those nights
When it’s cold
When earth is alone with its heart-complications
And a light would shine out and showed a way out.
Then there would be peace in earth.

And Earth would seek out God
Weary feet would find where He was
And we would see God
And we’d just drop there
Just bow there,
For at last Emmanuel would be with us
God…. Would be with us.
Light would be within us.
Then there would be joy in our world
Then there would be goodwill to ALL… men.
There there would be Peace on Earth
Peace IN Earth
Peace in THIS Earth

Tracy j Hutchings
Dec. 15th, 2012

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