Friday, February 1, 2013

B is for Sorcerer

He stripped bare, walked into the 4 am light and sank into the waters.
It was cold. He didn’t feel it. Not in the way we think.
The void was a local anaesthetic, it numbed the waters.

He came here to do his Naaman trick.
Dip in the sea and cure himself of all impurities.
Salt will cure the broken bones, the heart less cured, the bumps, the infections and the situations.

He came here to do his Naaman trick.
But really, he had a plan.
If this failed, if he was not cured one way, he would be free another.

A cupful of water, finds its way to the throat of the deceiver. He chokes on salt water in his bed.
A spinning of water loosens the earth, and the opposer’s house floats down the river instead.
A handful of water, in the pale moon light to cool the head of the lover.


And that would be it, save the lifting of hands, save the lifting of waters, save the crashing of waves on his broken skin. Save the pulling from the shore. At 4 am, when the world sleeps and healing was his portion.

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