Tuesday, June 18, 2013

B is for Disavowed [part of the lord series]

I remember when I disavowed (human)
Troubling thing since of course I was (human)
Thought of my mistakes and yes they were (human)
Thought of my limits and without a doubt (human)

I remembered when I disavowed (can’t)
Wanted to draw but of course, well I (can’t)
Thought about rapping but you know that I (can’t)
Should’ve taken her to the room… (can’t)

I remembered when I realized it was the same
(Human) and (can’t), they were all in a frame
One is an excuse
The other keeps you tame
Same song, same hymn, same refrain.


I can’t be human. But can’t doesn’t exist.
Which means I COULD be human 
But why be… everyone?
You can be “only human” if you want to
But I’ll accept terrestrial or mortal – thank you.
Until the word is reclaimed by those who claim to be more
Yet flounder in the gene pool of mice.

© tracy j hutchings

a lord must consecrate and disavow. Let's deal with the latter.
i am not human. i disavowed that term on my self. 
i got worried at first because God [capital G] made us... humans and the contempt i had for the term bordered on... well.. it wasn't a good place [besides, if you REALLY want to be real here, we were created man - male and female. i didn't once read "human"]. i thought about this a lot. what i came up with is this: i am mortal. i can actually die. i live on the planet, therefore i am terrestrial. until people learn to think; until people learn to wake up; until we collectively see a change in the atmosphere, i am not up to be human. pax.


  1. I am going to have to put this in my mind and sleep on it.... <3 it!

    1. by all means. don't take my word for it, filter it through the mind belt :-)

      tracy j h

  2. But you (Can) do anything for you are (human)

    1. My good sir, when [and i do mean WHEN] the word makes sense again, i'll accept it. which may be soon or it may very well be far off.

      tracy j h