Friday, June 21, 2013

B is for the love of she [part of the lord series]

I have seen god at early morning.
I’ve seen her trying to adjust her eyes to a lord’s chariot.
He with his Doubles…
Breakfast of the new gods.
Mine led the way first though.

It’s not blasphemy.
Not if you knew she and me
Or the possibility OF she and me.

Misguided worship?
You wouldn’t say that if you knew the world within her.
Or what she created…
Before the mischievous imp caught my eye.
It was good.

I miss the old gods.
The new gods don’t want this kind of worship.

I’ll be better after the grapes let drop their blood.
And sleep comes.

tracy j hutchings

a lord is at his happiest when he is within the arms of a young god. that is... if the Highest Heaven accedes to his request... and he knows what to do when it is approved.

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