Friday, July 5, 2013

B is for Forgetful Jones [part of the lord series]

Some times it pulls you back.
You forget you are a lord
Forget you sway gods
Forget the higher power
Return, return to the mire
And dance.

Look at the muck I’ve made!
Look at the price I’ve paid!
Look at the storm I have created!
Look at the ego, unmitigated.

And it pulls you in.
The sweet pleasure of sin
Skin to skin and flesh rise to ego.

And it pulls you in.
Like skin to skin
Eyes roll back the deeper you go.

And it pulls you in.
The comfort of familiar chaos
Where ego is soothed and sated
And wet tongues whet appetites
And you could be like… “every body else”
Exposing your nakedness to the universe you’re sent to manage.
Searching for validation
In the unholy benediction of the ego
Skip a step back from lord to human
To be an “every man” with an ego
For you’ve forgotten that pleasure is to take you higher
Not something to be associated with want and squalor

© tracy j h

A lord... is a hard thing to be sometimes; dancing between a higher sense of being/self/purpose and a baseness that even to the humans and the young gods looks amazing but you alone knows... it is utter baseness. this need to be like "everyone else"