Tuesday, July 23, 2013

B is for Gasparillo [part of the lords series]

She leaves with a thanks
And I, with a wonder:
How many gods have I dabbled in thus far?
No permanent connection.
No manifestation of who I am
Or who they are
Or that I know who they are because I know who I am.
Something so.
But if I can’t quell the confusion within me
What hope is there in the revelation of divinity.
Let her sleep.
Let her lie.
Say nothing to the gods in front your eye.
This is her stop.
Thanks she says.
Off to reveal her nature to a human.
And I wonder… how many gods have I left in the care of another?

© tracy j h

There are times a lord wonders.... his mind wanders... how many gods have you left behind. how many lives could you be living? COULD'VE been living. If multiple realities exist; if the ideal of string theory is alive... how many strands of yourself are living the life The Primary You should be living?

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