Tuesday, July 9, 2013

b is for The Good People [part of the lord series]

I thought…
“What is the point anymore; pounding on Heaven’s door?”
When it opens wide
You don’t walk inside
Afraid of what’s in store
“You’re not dressed properly!”
Is that what Heaven said? No
That’s what the people behind me say, emphatically
“You’re not wearing shoes.”
But who are you to deny me my right to sleep in golden light?
But it’s all for naught
The words of humans damaged more than I first thought.

Yes, I possess no shoes
But calloused feet tread paths the good people know little of
And denim is more resilient than white robes
Trapping dust
Not that dark fabrics are any better in the presence of The Master
… But I’m here
Unless he says differently
Yet these people look on queerly
All eyes rise at this strange lord
Whose presence distracts them from their TRUE Lord
Funny, I never expected this in Heaven
But what can you expect when it’s teeming with humans

©tracy j h
A lord must by-pass the humans to get what he wants... what he needs.

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