Wednesday, July 3, 2013

B is for Knowing Nothing [part of the lord series]

The Lord knows a lord knows nothing.
And that’s something
For in his nothing he searches, he quests, he is not satisfied.
And Lord knows… he’s not satisfied.
But they will never know.
He who whispers in the ear of the gods,
Who wears the cloak of the ancient ones.
Knows nothing.

But his nothing is enough to disturb his slumber.
Like a pea under a princess, knowledge will not let him sleep
But meets him at 2 am.
“Hello my friend. Let’s talk.”
Words spoken are sweeter than water
And the fog clears
And knowledge gives him a satchel,
“Go, feed your people.”
So a lord rushes back in the excitement of first light
That they just might drink.
This smells stink.
It looks funny
It’s not the water we know.
It’s not… the same.
Worst of all: “it nice. It very nice.”
Before rushing to the same springs for safety.
Maybe the fault is with me.
Personal divinity is not to be.
Drink their water and hush.
After all, you know nothing.

©tracy j hutchings

A lord must seek to know and when you know enough, admit you know nothing and learn some more.

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