Monday, July 22, 2013

B is for lord of honour

Some I call lord
Some I call master
A priest that I know, he calls me high father

Woe is me!
The concept of a monotheist thinking differently
Seemingly ignorantly...

But when will we learn that
Lending honour to those who’s worth it
Does not mean your soul’s is in forfeit

Even better, your soul ascends faster.
For you have given them a title to strive after
A lord. A master. A keeper of gods.
A common whose path is blessed by The Capital God

So greet each other as nobles
Lords and Masters gathered round the table
Tilt you head and look up to the different ones.
More than just stars, the product of a thousand suns.
A thousand sons would kill to be like you… or even me

So when I see you, I’ll acknowledge your terrestrial royalty.
My lord. Young master.
Greetings you, from this, the high father.

© tracy j h

a lord understands who you are...

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