Saturday, July 27, 2013

B is for The Patterns [part of the lords series]

I have seen the patterns that lead to destruction.
Nothing has changed in all the years of civilisation.
Fagan’s still here.
Chain smoking bastard has cleaned up well.
He still needs a boy though
To act as front man to the chaos…
Lips that court the apocalypse.

Grimm is still here, with a Baptist bell
Warning of hell
Who (has itself)
Become the owner of corporations.
Helping anyone who needs a donation…
As long as you give up control to your soul.

Anansi became a politico.
Darwin took up drinking
Trying to get them to change their thinking.
Newton turned his attention to marketing and distribution.
Computer drivers and music players that make you feel alive… again.
I however, remain bored.
Bored as I was in the palace.
Bored like when I had just conquered cities.
Just bored! And peeved no end.
New clothes, same end.

The path to destruction remains true at even this generation of civilisation.
And nothing.
Not the hope of a girl
Nor the promise of a boy
Can push. this. back.

© tracy j h

A lord understands the circle and the cycle of things.

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