Wednesday, April 9, 2014

B is for Monkey and the Idol

monkey swings from the idol
his hand, a tropical breeze
monkey swings from the idol
"monkey, do as you please."

monkey laughs at devotees
monkey laughs at the child
monkey laughs at his own heart
who begs him, 'stay for a while'

monkey see, monkey doux doux darling
ran away with his life
monkey heart was the next to go
and with it, all monkey's strife.

monkey waits for the night's fall
his eyes are wide like a well
monkey talks to the cold wind
on the idol where they both fell

idol asks, 'what you want, boy?'
monkey just shrugs his head
cold wind asks, 'what you need, boy?'
monkey just swings instead

flightless bird climbed the idol's frame
and brought monkey some hot tea
monkey drank and then fling the cup
nothing satisfies he.

cold wind stole for monkey a coat
and plopped it right on his frame
monkey draped the idol
monkey's face was the same.

idol sighed and the cold wind smirked
while monkey curled on its head
not a tree or a bush will do
the idol was monkey's bed. 

idol smiled as the monkey snored
the sound of a crashing sea
monkey swings from the idol
"monkey, do as you please."

Tracy j H
April 08th, 2014
Monkey and the Idol. (A Terran Folksong by tjh)

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