Thursday, April 17, 2014

B is for Red (was the solution)

Of all the colours that stepped up to heal the heart of man
Who would've thought that RED would've held the Master's plan?
Who would have guessed red would have the notion;
That red would be the solution.

Too passionate, too vibrant, too.... 'in the face'
Stains every place.

Blue is friendly; White, universal and yellow is built to save face.
But RED.... red was the solution from the beginning.
Red flowed past the evil, to cover (and give grace) to the simple
Red made itself free of the body, to save a soul.

One drop for you.
One for me.
One for the child not yet born 
But somehow.... His destiny already crippled with thorns.

Red was the key that led me in, to see...
Blue Skies...
And green pastures....
And golden streets.

Ordered by the Father. Paid by the Son.
Poured over heart shaped stones that began to beat again.
Began to feel again
Red did that. 
More than animal fat, Red... did that.
Drop by glorious drop.
Red was the solution.
Red was the answer.

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