Tuesday, November 18, 2014

B is for The First Bang....

The first bang.
I didn't realize it then, but the feeling I had upon seeing the first explosion of light; the first act of creation, that was love. It made me catch my breath. My ears rang out for HOURS! Maybe days. Even now, when I take my mind back there, to the first bang, I feel... No, I know that THAT was love. I didn't know it then. All I knew was that I had to touch it. I had to touch that light. I had to touch that sound. I had to touch what my eyes knew to be a miracle (this was BEFORE the word got overused and under-known). I felt love. Even if I'd be sucked into it; even if my head shattered on every passing 'streroid.... Even if.... Because at that moment, at the first bang, THERE was something magical. I pulled back or else my hand was pulled back. "Let the noise form first", the hero said. The one who made this.... Noise to begin with. So I waited and waited and eventually settled on this blue green rock, waiting for that noise to form. The humans here, they're made of star dust; celestial materials. Things that were there at the Bang. I waited for that touch, that one touch that mirrored what I reached out for; love that didn't have a name till now; that Bang... That's why I walked away and alone. Stardust. Stardust from the beginning. Something that echoes the first ringing in my ears. Something not yet formed. Something like... well, First love.

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