Friday, July 24, 2009

B is for Prose (again...)

(seek part 01 seek part 02 seek part 03)

exposed. i wrapped my arms round her frame pulling tightly to me all the imaginings i imagined. and as i did, a cold wind shot through my back. for i was exposed. i kept her warm. body to buddy. i drank in the scent of her hair, i filled my lungs with her skin... but the sin of my mind would remind me later that while i may have covered her i lay exposed. who shields the "shielder", from elements... water and fire... tears and desire... or is it a willing sacrifice he makes for ALL HER sake? sleeping exposed while she's wrapped in warmth. - 14:03:09 © tjh [sometimes i ponder the virtue of falling in love or lust or infatuation or whatever the heck we call it]

they don't look to the stars. they rather swim in dirt not realising they were taken OUT of there for a reason. humans... content to laze around but never want. want but never need. want but never act! that's why when we do, they clap and applaud and bite their teeth with envy. at you? at me? they call us divinity. damn fools. i-u-he-she-WE-THEY-ARE...but don't see. afflicted by their disease you see. God made and they were - reflection yet they sit nurturing their sorry condition instead of looking to the skies like my eyes. and when i do they look at me and call me divinity. damn fools. 13:03:09 © tjh

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