Saturday, August 28, 2010

B is for godhood defined

Read B is for godhood for a background to my little theory below.

Let’s start with a contradiction, since all if not most life seems to be comfortable in contradiction.
I am a Monotheist. Which basically means that I believe in a One God concept.
Yet anyone who has read my work, heard me speak or anything of the sort, would hear me use the phrase –“gods” especially in relation to a girl or series of girls who I deem to either be:
a). high above me (like Joan of arc or aaaaaphroditeeeeee)
b). or else, there’s a divine spark about them that they haven’t yet realized.
Such is the case of one of my friends now overseas. I believe she was sent away to become a god. Whether she knows this or not –well gyurl…. Now yuh do! Get up and become one already.

Now I don’t bandy about this term idly. Though in our culture, the phrase has become either
a). too generic and “universal” a term to mean much, or
b). something that a rapper uses to define their extravagant living arrangements and lifestyle.

I should also say that I’m not into the gods and earths belief system, where men are gods and women are earths. Sounds nice on the surface but most things usually do and I don’t buy it.

No, when I say “god” – common g – I refer to a state of perfection that mankind seems to have sorely strayed from. In place of this perfection is a need to “make do” because we are “only human”. This may be where my philosophy needs grooming but I seriously have a problem with “humans” – I tend to look on with disdain. Primarily because I act as much as…sometimes.

No, when I say “god” – common g – I’m looking for someone who strives to be whole.
Not a good person. But a god person. A person who is:
a). excellent at what they do – even if that is collecting stamps, but also
b). someone who is excellent at life or life skills.

Too many times, people are great at “what they do” but horrid at “who they are” and that is a no-deal for me. we must be perfect. Cue Gauis Baltar saying we are perfect just the way we are. No Gauis. Now shut up and listen to your imaginary friend [sorry all BSG newbies].

I think to myself that, if my theist beliefs are true - and let’s just say I do - we were created perfect representations of God – capital g. And that “image and likeness” doesn’t begin or end at two feet and a pair of eyes. I mean perfection in thought! And if my theist beliefs are right – and let’s say they are – and we fell by our own disobediences and a master plan was set in place to RESTORE us to THAT perfection, then why am I living outside the realm of godhood.

I admit, that may sound a little off key to some. In fact, the gravity of the word [even in common “g” form] scares me so much I pause…
I decided to say “god-ish” thus – god-ishness, to mask what I really was trying to say.

This may also be why, when a girl referred to me as her/a god I shuddered. I didn’t need his role – I thought I was a happy little sorcerer of words. I have since rejected that idea as well.

I don’t expect people to be omniscient but I do expect us to be cognizant of those around us – their hurts, their fantasies and their logics. It is actually quite possible to know/pick up the true nature of a person long before they start to mask it with a blab. Or three.

I will go my grave very old and fulfilled but with the knowledge that we are meant to achieve a state of being that goes beyond biology.

I leave you with a scary thought. God didn’t make no fools – he designed replicas.
When will we understand who we are? Maybe we should go to the Son and say – dude, I thought I was supposed to be perfect. Or maybe I’m talking out of my ass again. You know us, theorists…

Tracy j H

the thought hits me - "human is not a bad word" then what is it? what ARE we?

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