Tuesday, April 3, 2012

The Unification of Alexander North Prt 07

(in case you missed it, here's prt 06)

Soul pondered Lord Luz’ words. There was sense to what he said. How long, she had often asked herself, before the turmoil and the inkshed took over her borders? How well could Soul protect her interests from The Four and at what cost? Yes. This was best. Soul would leave the corrupted continent and go back to the Eternals while this place sank to the deepest depths of despair. Maybe, it is what is best for Spirit, Body, Heart and Mind to fall. In the next cycle, maybe they would be better. Yes, she would gather her people and together they would…

No. She couldn’t.
“I will not!” she said emphatically. But the Lord was right.
She knew it. This would only end if one of them ended. But 
the only one who possessed such a weapon…
“I know your thoughts, Soul. I will not give it to you.”
Soul’s eyes flashed angrily.
“This place… is in a constant state on unease. There are 
rumblings around the continent and still they will not let 
up! It is the only solution and you,” she hissed, “you would 
deny me this right?”

Luz looked at her. There were glimpses of them inside her. Body’s rashness, Spirit’s determination, Mind’s all consuming logic… Heart’s pain.
“Alright.” He said and exited the room heavier that he came.

On the night of the twentieth day, Soul put on her white gown, the one she used to wear when she and Heart prayed. She came to the highest point of her tower and looked around, glimpsing The Four’s territories in the distance. A cool breeze swept over her. She smiled. Even as the blade tore through her, she smiled. And from her frame shot out white light that ripped the night sky but Soul barely made a sound. She just slumped and smiled.

Body was the first to see the light coming from Soul’s fortress. A strange fear pulled on him and he made a mad dash for her borders.
Spirit couldn’t shake the feeling of finality and, believing 
his father was telling him something, made his way to Soul’s.
Mind played out three scenarios. None of them ended well.
Heart felt a sharp pain within her at the sight of the light.
“Stupid child,” she whispered as she gathered the winds towards Soul’s home, “What have you done?”.

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