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The Unification of Alexander North [The Final Moments]

[Part Seven Can Be Found Here]

The sky still burned flashes of white as they all gathered round the lifeless body of Soul even as the ground shook around them.
“Who did this?” The cold stare of Heart was upon them all.
“You did. You all did.” Lord Luz had returned.
“This war cost her most of all. And I hold each of you
“But why?” Body whispered, “Of all of us, she stayed neutral 
in this.”
Mind’s eyes moved swiftly looking for an answer to this 
illogical action of Soul’s. “We were supposed to protect 
her.” he whispered and slumped all the more before her.
“You four were supposed to be older and wiser than she was. You were to guide her into all truths but your actions…. Your actions have led her to this point; back to the Eternals.”

The ink flowed freely from Soul. A permanent stain would fall over the continent. It had lost its Soul in this war.
Spirit took up the blade and brought it before Lord Luz.
“Kill us.” He said. “End us, we have failed. Just… save the 
continent since we could not save our sister Soul.”
The rest of them rose in agreement with this even as the rain poured on. The air was filled with remorse, the ground violence.

“This continent needs you.” Luz said as he took the knife 
from Spirit’s hand. “There is much evil beyond these shores, 
you must rally for this place.”
Tears mingled with the rain as Spirit, Body, Mind and Heart 
fell again in the night. They had fought so hard for their pride calling it LOVE but in this terrible night they understood what LOVE really meant. They were the children…. Not Soul. They needed the guidance.

“I will end this.” Lord Luz said. “You will start again.”
He took the blade and cut his own palms. Then stretching it out to the sky, he pulled the flashes of white from out of the sky till before them lay a crying baby in white, where Soul had once died.

Heart lifted the babe. Spirit blessed the child in the name of his father. Mind took off his robe to cover Heart and the child. Body wept.
And on that night of the twentieth day, the near-thirty-year 
civil war ended.
The unification of the continent was at hand. And Lord Luz smiled at the lesson they had learned.



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