Monday, April 2, 2012

The Unification of Alexander North Prt 06

(here's what happened last time)
Every refugee –so to speak – that she took into her self brought with them the scars of a war that won’t end. It was not unheard of to hear Mind’s defector telling Spirit’s defector how self righteous his leader was; who did nothing while Heart’s forces tore them apart. “How long?” Soul wondered, “How long before we are forced to really pick a side? To fight against our siblings in this near-thirty-year civil war?”
     “Twenty one days.” Came the answer. Soul need not turn   
     around; the voice was of the strong voice of Lord Luz, a wise 
     and statuesque man from a land across many winds. It had been 
     some time since he visited the continent. His emissaries did 
     his work for him; that is… when they weren’t trying to kill 
“Twenty One Days?!’ Soul exclaimed as she bowed before him.
“How can you be so certain?”
“Because I am always certain. And… I have seen the end. It is not good.”
Lord Luz explained that he had just come from visiting The Four in hopes of bringing an end to this hurting.
“And?” Soul frantically exclaimed.
“And this what I have found…”

Body grows weary from all this battle. His tattered clothes and bruised ego are shoved in a corner of his chamber so that he may yet keep up appearances. But he grows weary of the constrain of war without end…

Mind has no peace. He is questioning every decision and finds two no, three alternative routes he could have taken. He spends his day pondering the best possible outcome while his troops defect or plot his end…

Spirit has broken faith. Yet his over-zealous nature pushes him onward; trying to lift a banner for a cause for a cause he has forgotten…

Heart. Poor Heart has known frost for so long, has known pain for so long that her magics have now grown larger than her control. She fights but there is no more light in her eyes…

“But for their pride!” he said, “But for their pride they will not cease! They will not stop till all is destroyed; till the ink of their other has been spilled out.”

“Which brings me to here.” Lord Luz said as Soul hung her head in despair. “You Soul, must leave this continent. Gather your people together for this place must end.”
Soul spun round. This was not the solution she had hoped for.
“Leave? But this is my home! This is our collective home.”
“You know your home is not dependant on any one place.”
“Inhabit another continent?”
“I offer you the chance to go back home. Away to the lands beyond the winds, where you came from. At peace with the Eternals.”
“My others are just as eternal.”
“But their war will take them till they find a way to consume each other. This is not for you Soul. This is not for you.”


  1. I cannot tell whether this is poetry or prose. This is simply beauty in words.

    1. i suspect prose. twas one long story but i'm breaking it up for the blog. i am glad that you like the thoughts.

      pax my dear

      tracy j h