Thursday, October 22, 2009

B is for Tone Deaf Crabs

cough cough cough cough cough...c

my chest is raw and when i breathe i can feel the metal in my back pushing against my internal body. internal body [sic]. i feel that needs resuscitation too. i'm not the same anymore. but then i should be glad. for same to me is normal and normal is blah so why would i want to be blah... BLAH! useless mindless thought!

cough cough COUGH!

God! i need a release. i need... a girlfriend.
maybe i should call my non existent girlfriend and say "hey, u wanna be my girlfriend. i promise my weak sense of morality won't get in the way this time. i promise i'll be sooooooo super honest. pretty...? please....?"

cough cough cough co- COUGH!

tone dead crabs runs impatiently across my mind. i got to pee. really, i should pee. but that implies getting up. why bother? soon i'll cough and cough and COUGH! oh look. problem solved.

clack! clack! clack!
tne deaf crabs clack off key. i should stop now. i still want to pee. i still want to know...
why do i hate blackbirds so? i literally see them flying into my head and i'm filled with paralytic fear. quite like when i see people.

"i see dead people." - actually i see muggings and robberies and crime and COUGH! corruption.
excuse me.

excuse me.
got to me.
pee on dem
dem tone deaf crabs, running impatiently on me.
jeez - i should get checked out. i want my teddy. and a pillow. and mucinex to kill this... this.. this...
AH CHOO! great... this is new.

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