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B is for Ten Percent [part of the lords series]

I said:
I will take it.
I will carry the curse.
I will bear the despair and burden that now sits at my station…
My nation….
This thing I call a life.

I thought it would be fair
To discard care
And face the music alone.
Dance with worn feet than access The Throne that has heard me cry havoc
Many times before.

And to what end? I will cry again.

I am neither God nor a god.
To go into their treasures does not come without consequence.
Open arms or downward thumb.
The price is taxing and none is exempt.
Yet I said:
I will bear it.
I will bear it.
I… will bear it all!
Yes, hubris  does come before the fall
But the fault was mine.
This hell was my design.

So I bend my back to the flames.
Let the games… commence.
I absolved their sin… so I can pay for mine.

Tracy j H

A lord bears his decisions.


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